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  • I am motivated to complete this course and I am committed to progressing my study in a way that will enable me to meet the appropriate timelines of the course/unit
  • I have or can set myself clear short-term and long-term goals for my study and career.

What motivates youGo through the
What Motivates You

  • I know how to set up a safe learning space or study at home
  • I understand the importance of a dedicated learning place

My Learning PlaceGo through the
My Learning Place

  • I am self-disciplined and can prepare and keep to a study timetable reasonably well
  • I can set up and use aids to help me organise my study and complete assignment tasks.
  • I have good time management skills and can schedule my time effectively to enable me to complete learning activities and assignments set outside class time.
  • I can make concise study notes, summaries and prepare memory aids to study for tests and exams.

Getting organisedGo through the
Getting Organised

  • I can read and follow written instructions
  • I am willing to ask for help if I need it
  • I can develop and use study organisers and aids
  • I can write various types of text (eg essays, reports) and use appropriate referencing
  • I can write notes from texts and onine references

Study Skills and TipsGo through the
Study Skills/Tips


  • I can access a specific URL (Web page) by entering the address into the correct location on the screen
  • I can recognise and follow a hypertext link
  • I can conduct a simple search using an appropriate search engine
  • I can print or copy information I find useful when using the Internet
  • I can bookmark a website to return later or use in referencing.
  • I can move between websites using the back/forward buttons or tabbed browsing

Where do I find... ?Go through the
Where do I find ...?

  • I can use web conference or virtual meeting tools on the internet
  • I can use text chat or instant messaging tools
  • I can use discussion forums or electronic bulletin boards

Anybody out there?Go through the
Anybody out there