Your Online Presence

Developing a professional online presence can support your career and job seeking goals.

Employers are increasingly using the internet when recruiting new staff, so it's important to have a professional portfolio and socially responsible profile online

  • Select your best work to include in your portfolio.
  • An eportfolio is your professional self, so be more formal with your language.
  • Be aware that potential employers may access your social networking sites.


Review your social networking pages from the perspective of potential employers or create a page that presents you in a good light. Discuss do's and don'ts inthe EdNA Group forum.
Create an eportfolio using one of the tools in the resources below - add to your eportfolio as you work through this resource and as you complete learning and assessment tasks in your course.

ePortfolio tools Interviews with Alison Miller ePortfolio Video Australian Flexible Learning Framework website Mahara Workout Guide Blogs Workout Guide EdNA Group Workout Guide